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Ballekes – The meatball emporium

Do you sometimes find yourself in desperate need of comfort food? Something that remind you of your hometown or grandma’s cooking? Both flavoury and delicious? I did last Sunday and ended up visiting Ballekes, the meatball emporium!!

Ballekes Room - Ordinary Brussels

Ballekes, which means meatballs in Brusseleir, is a restaurant set up by a team of young food lovers in Saint Gilles. At the heart of this story you will find meatballs, simplicity and an authentic grandma recipe! In my opinion these are the perfect ingredient of a successful restaurant!

When I arrived on Sunday 7PM, Ballekes was almost empty which gave me a good opportunity to take a few pictures, chat with the team and go over the menu with them. At the first glance, you will understand a few essential things about Ballekes:

  • You compose your own menu;

  • Everything on the menu is typically Belgian;

  • The price is quite cheap for the quality and quantity;

Head to the order desk to create your own menu by picking a meat (or 2), a sauce, a side and a drink. It will costs you something like 12,5€ which is more than reasonable. Concretely, here is your choice list:

  • Meat: Pork/Beef, Chicken, Veggie;

  • Sauce: Kriek Lindemans, Mushroom cream, Chimay Bleue & caramelized endive, Tomato, Mustard, Rabbit;

  • Side: French Fries, Salad, Chicon mayonnaise or a baguette

After ordering, just wait for your plate to arrive and enjoy!

Ballekes Menu - Ordinary Brussels

There are a few elements about Ballekes that need to be highlighted and first of all:

  • The texture of the meat: smooth and not dry. Too often, you find yourself in a restaurant chewing on a dry meat that is friable and tasteless. At Ballekes however, the meatballs are perfectly cooked and the recipe used ensures that the meat remains a bit juicy and sticks together;

  • The richness of the sauce: full of flavours, not too liquid, just the right quantity.

  • Vegetarian options: even if you don’t eat meat, you will have something to try!

  • French fries: crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside with a delicious mayonnaise à l’ancienne!

  • The place: well located and easy to reach with public transports, Ballekes has a modern design with a few retro elements that give it character.

  • The team: You feel welcome when you pass the door and start chatting with the team. They are really passionate about their job and making sure each customer has a great time and enjoys the culinary experience.

  • The concept: Tasty typical Belgian food, prepared by passionate, in a restaurant launched through crowdfunding!

In short, make sure to visit this address whether you come for a lunch, a dinner or an after party snack!


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