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Birthday in Oyster Heaven

As you might have seen on Instagram, I visited what I call an oyster heaven: an oyster farm in the Netherlands. Located right next to the Belgian border, the town of Yerseke is the place to visit if you are an oyster amateur. Fresh from the basins, a variety of oysters await and will be enjoyed several ways!

Oesterij, the oyster farm/restaurant!

There are many farms/restaurants in the area but we decided to try Oesterij and we weren’t disappointed. The set up of the restaurant is cozy, in a veranda so you can enjoy the sun and the view, and the staff is really cheerful and considerate. The menu itself is short and seasonal which makes complete sense since everything is produced on site.

After some talks, we decided to order the fleshiest type of oysters 3 ways: with a splash of lemon, au gratin as well as with a creamy Dutch sauce. We’ve also had a second round of raw oysters, a pot of mussels and a crayfish soup that was absolutely delicious…

I must admit I am not an oyster fan and never have been. I actually tend to avoid eating them because of the weird taste and texture however, the ones from Oesterij are very fleshy and their flavour really different. I guess we could say the uniqueness of Oesterij is that they only serve the best and freshest oysters/sea foods!

All in all, the food was really good and the service quite fast. We really liked Oesterij despite the fact that the restaurant was quickly crowded. The bill wasn’t too expensive for a table of four, we paid about 170€, drinks included.

Note that next to the restaurant you will find the shop if you want to take home a few kilos of oysters, lobster or mussels!


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