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Allons à Confesse!

Last week, I met an ex-colleague for a belated and improvised Christmas Lunch at "A Confesse", a very small resto/bar located in Woluwé-Saint-Pierre...In front of the church...What a fitting name! I had never heard of it before but apparently it was the place to be for a delicious and healthy lunch so we didn't hesitate before reserving....

A Confesse - Café où Manger

© A Confesse

The particularity of "à Confesse" is that it primarily is a coffee place/bar serving a unique lunch every day, but it never gets boring as the menu never remains the same: a different lunch every day, a starter and a main course, bio and as healthy as it gets. As explained above, this is "the place to be" so you better make a reservation or you might have to wait a while or change plans... I have never seen a place so crowded before...

A Confesse is rather small and can accommodate something like 20 people for lunch I would say. With its unique menu, the service goes quite fast, because let's face it....you don't have much to decide on besides drinks ;) Interested yet? That day, the menu (which costs 18,90€) was composed of:

  • An organic carrot soup with a touch of smoked oil, homemade focaccia with fresh thyme, and a satay yogurt dip with lime;

  • A fillet of sea bream, fregola sarda with herbs coulis, purslane and raw zucchini, roasted cherry tomatoes (or daterinos);

I am sometimes wary of the "too good to be true" menu but this one deserves a round of applause! It was so good, light and fresh with the right balance of flavours and perfect portion sizes. I usually struggle to finish my plate but this time it was so easy!

The Starter - A Confesse

The Sea Bream from that day - A Confesse

Looks appetizing right? I was positively surprised when the food arrived and I am definitely planning to visit A Confesse again, this is an address to share with anyone who doesn't like boring food! And if you work in the neighborhood, I envy you...This could be the perfect HQ for lunch and after work drinks.

Finally, I would like to share the bill which I don't always do but will keep on doing when possible. In total we had 2 menus of the day, a bottle of water, a glass of wine and a coffee which totaled for 49€. To be honest, paying 18,90€ for a lunch doesn't shock me considering the price of fish in other restaurants, it is actually a fair price for a starter and a main course in Brussels.

All in all, I will remember A Confesse as the place serving unique and healthy lunches in front of the Woluwé- Saint-Pierre's church :) If you visit A Confesse, make sure to leave a comment about your experience, I'd be happy to read it.

The bill - A Confesse

Where to find A Confesse

© A Confesse


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