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Let's talk "Healthy favourites"

For those reading the blog on a regular basis, you probably know that I like to test products and especially the ones labelled as "healthy" or those that are really cute. This is why from time to time I make a few orders to webshops like FoodSpring or Fitvia and of course check stores for new brands and products.

A super cute bottle from Maison du Monde

Recently, I ordered items that I really loved and I discovered several others that were just launched on the Belgian market:

  • The FoodSpring Smoothie Balls (Greens);

  • The Fitvia Detox Tea;

  • The Fitvia Morning Tea;

  • The Nut paste from Damiano;

  • The Alpro sugarfree mango yogurt;

  • The Alpro chocolate ice-cream;

  • The super cute bottles from Maison du Monde;

The Smoothie Balls

One of the purchases that I made comes from an "Health/Happiness provider" called FoodSpring, a company supplying teas, fitness supplements, proteins and much more to sportspersons. I am not that much into protein shakes and bars but I was intrigued by their Smoothie Balls (pink, yellow, green) and decided to give them a try. I bought a tube of the green variety together with the Energy Morning Tea. The package arrived very fast and in the morning which allowed to try out the smoothie balls with my regular smoothie! A tube contains 5 balls made with spinach, dates, wheat grass, spirulina, cajou nuts and a few other green ingredients. At first I thought my blender would have a hard time crushing the balls but in the end, it went just fine and the mixture blended perfectly with the rest of the ingredients. The green Smoothie Ball will give a very smooth texture to your recipe as well as a sweet taste of date that doens't overpower the flavour of the rest of the fruits and veggies. It's nice a nice addition of nutrients and now I wonder if I shouldn't try to 2 other variations!

Detox Teas

Probably everyone has heard of Fitvia and their range of products supporting a healthier and happier lifestyle: detox teas, supplements, bars, etc. No matter the goal you are after, I am sure this company has a product targeted specifically to you. Recently I placed an order to test their detox teas because I was looking for an alternative to coffee that would still speed up my system a bit. I settled for the regular detox tea but couldn't resist the cute accessories going with it: a glass tea mug, a shaker and a really cute leaf tea ball. I used a reduction code provided by Sissy Mua and there I had it, my order with a 15% discount. I received my order within 2 days which amazed me, it doesn't happen every day! The items arrived in good state, well wrapped and with a little health guide and cute card "Happy New You" (+ a 20% discount). The tea itself is quite nice and works as a substitute for coffee, in my case of course, but the real "discovery" lies with the glass tea mug! I really like how easy, and not messy, it is to make tea now and to infuse it, and it is quick to clean! All in all, this purchase is very much appreciated although I haven't seen much progress in terms of "detox".

Damiano Nut Pastes

I am always on the hunt for a good nut paste and I think I just found a new essential from the brand Damiano. Established in Italy since the 60s, this company produces nuts and derived products such as pastes, chocolate coated nuts, and more but all of them organic. I have recently tried their Almond paste as well as the Hazelnut paste and I can honestly say these are the best I've had so far! Especially the hazelnut paste...It is so creamy and flavoury but without the usual additives, sweeteners and preservatives. Obviously when you buy the chocolate spread, expect some cane sugar, fair-trade cocoa and oil but you won't find any E300 or E500 and other unpronounceable names. Damiano's are the least processed nut pastes that I found on the Belgian market, a bunch of little gems to be enjoyed!


Now in terms of sweet tooth, you might have notice a series of new products from the brand Alpro in various supermarkets. Yep they did it again and I approve! Alpro has launched a sugar-free yogurt with 2 variations of fruits (mango and cherries) as well as ice-cream! Both are really good in terms of taste and texture, this is probably going to be my new addiction of the trimester! Regarding the yogurt, they say it doesn't contain any added sugar or sweetener, just fruit which is nice for a change! Nice job Alpro!

Maison du Monde

And finally....Have you seen the cute rose gold items in stock at Maison du Monde? Mason jar or milk bottle you name it this shop has it. I got the small bottles with "Just have a drink and talk about Happy things" and they are perfect to hold your smoothie, juice or gold milk... And they cost like 1,99€ so a really good bargain! I didn't dare to put them in the dishwasher but they are easy enough to clean providing you have the proper tools for the job!

What is your favorite find?


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