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Subtly adapting my look for Summer

The Yumilash is a technique used by beauticians to lift your natural lashes in order to open the eye and enhance your beauty by giving you that "doe-eye" look. It's perfect during summer, better than lash extension because it doesn't require too much effort or maintenance! I considered doing it for a long time and yet never did because I don't like making changes to my eyes.

Having a friend who happens to be a beautician and who has her own institute, Bosen Institut, I felt more at ease with choosing a beautician. I also know that Lan is gentle and extremely precise when it comes to the eyes. Her specialty is microblading and semi-permanent make-up so she's used to working around sensitive areas of the face, but she is also excellent when it comes to lashes and overall beauty treatments. It felt like if I really wanted to do the Yumilash, I wouldn't find a better person to make it than Lan, so I booked an appointment without too much hesitation. I have seen her work a few times, with passion and care, making every customer so happy that I was in the end quite eager to get it done and to see the result on myself :)

Before the Yumilash

As you can see my lashes are long but not curled & look more downward than upward. Do not mind the tiredness ^^

When I arrived, we chatted for a while to catch up before starting the procedure. First of all she explained to me how the technique worked and then made sure that I was comfortable. She had to isolate my top lashes before "lifting" and infusing them with a pigmentation to get that thicker & darker look. To be honest, having someone working on my eyes with chemicals is strange, the sensations can be a tad uncomfortable but I felt confident I would be fine with Lan. And indeed, after 45 minutes with my eyes closed I finally got to see the result and was amazed! To think that a little treatment like the Yumilash would make such a difference...

After the Yumilash

In this picture you can see the result right after the treatment, my lashes point upwards but still need to stabilize.

To ensure the best result, you are supposed to come without make up or lash extension and you cannot put water on your lashes 24h after the treatment. You can expect this look to last between 8 and 12 weeks which is quite amazing! During that period you can wear mascara and use make-up remover without worry...

I had my Yumilash done 2 weeks ago and the outcome is quite interesting. At first the upward curve was dramatic but after a week it has stabilized and doesn't evolve anymore. I can do everything without worrying about my lashes, the result remains unchanged no matter if I swim or sleep which is quite nice. I also gain a few minutes every morning since I don't have to curl my lashes anymore!

The other perk of having a Yumilash, in comparison to lash extension, is when you wear glasses! If you do then you know what I'm talking about and how annoying it can be to have your lashes brushing against the glasses. It also happens to me when I wear mascara but now it is a worry from the past!

I'll add more pictures in the coming weeks so you can see the evolution of the treatment. If you have questions, just drop me a comment below.