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Patisserie Yasushi Sasaki - A must in Brussels

If you visit Brussels or if you live in the city and have never visited Sasaki, I strongly advise to do it quickly! You missed on something incredible...And Japanese. I discovered this patisserie a few years ago because at the time I was a real Japanese freak so I knew where to find every Japanese shop in town, however this is probably the one I loved the most.

The story of how this patisserie came to be is a nice, yet not so typical, anecdote. To summarize, Yasushi Sasaki (our star baker) visited Belgium when he was 19 and more specifically the neighborhood of the "Chant d'Oiseaux" and really liked it. As a matter of fact, his thoughts were "if I ever do something in Belgium it should be here". And funny enough he did! After studying mathematics in school, he turned to bakery (at the CERIA) and studied with the bests before launching his own shop in 2007. He searched for a place to establish his business and remembered the lovely "Chant d'Oiseaux" where he found the perfect spot to start what we now know as Patisserie Yasushi Sasaki...A real institution in Brussels, recognized both by the Japanese and Belgian community!

What I like best about the sweet treats prepared by Sasaki~san is the fact that he and his team don't use that much sugar and each cake is airy and balanced. Feels like eating a cloud, light, delicious and absolutely stunning! Aesthetic is another strong point, fully mastered at Patisserie Sasaki: simple, colorful and elegant, every cake can be eaten with the eyes!

Colorful cakes from Sasaki's
Smaller delicacies
Smaller cakes from Yasushi Sasaki's Patisserie

On the list of delicacies you must try, you will find on #1 position, the Ruby: a genoise with chocolate mousse, crème brûlée & raspberries...A delight for the eyes and the belly! This cake is shortly followed by some more traditional yet fully mastered recipes such as: cream puffs, matcha éclair, crême brulée or the fondant.

Now some of these cakes may seem "simple" enough to bake but it takes real mastery to make every piece perfect: balancing the taste of each ingredient, not over sweetening the mix, making the texture as light as possible...Not to mention the design! I think we can all agree that this is an art!

I also recently discovered the pralines, because not only is Sasaki a patisserie...It is also a "chocolaterie"! And these pralines are colorful and very intriguing! Flavors can go from Yuzu to peach and raspberry liquor, green tea ganache or 3 spices ganache and so much more... I often treat myself to a little box of Sasaki's chocolates and I am never disappointed.

Besides the cakes and chocolates, Sasaki is also the perfect place to get some breakfast essentials like high quality bread, viennoiseries or olive ciabattas. From what I heard the bread isn't baked on site but the supplier's choice was careful! [I'll make a point to verify where they source their products]

Sasaki has a website in French and Japanese (for those of you who actually speak/read Japanese it's a nice exercise) where you can find opening days/hours as well as prices and a catalog what you can purchase. Let me know if you've visited Sasaki and what's your opinion ;)


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