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Reflecting On What I've Done in 2018

Every year we make a list of resolutions and every year we get mixed results...And I am no different. However I am happy with what I've managed to accomplish and will take initiatives to improve area that are lacking a bit.

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Here is what I have set myself to accomplish this year:

  • Getting my Driver's License

  • Learning to drift

  • Learning to shoot

  • Visit China with Mr

  • Seeing Northern Lights

  • Visit Japan

  • Learning to ride a bike

  • Getting a six pack

  • Doing a perfect split

  • More girl trips in Europe

So how did I do?

Well...I have managed to conquer my fears and to finally drive! Yup I have done my theory exam, my 20 hours with a driving school, bought my car and finally passed my driver's license in March! It wasn't easy but I did it and I couldn't be happier. I had a lot of apprehensions but in the end, it does mean having more freedom and it is an enormous gain of time. However it does cost a lot in terms of insurance, gas and taxes. It makes you reflect about what's important and money management.

I also managed to pass my shooting license! Yup recreational shooting is now part of my weekly routine and since the day I joined the shooting club I've met so many great personalities and learned a lot. Getting the license means passing theory exams with an accredited center or at the police station, filling out a lot of paperwork to get a 1 year license to practice and learn. In the end, you need to pass a practical exam and prove that you are responsible and know how to handle a firearm safely. Now I will continue to explore the discipline and learn from the best :)

I went to China! Finally yes! After dating my boyfriend for so many years, it was time. We went in May which seems to be a good period to visit, not too warm nor too cold. We started in Shanghai and then went to Wuxi, Hangzhou, Changzhou, Nanjing, and a few more towns. It was an amazing discovery and it brought back my motivation to learn Chinese! I am now studying harder than ever with Preply and it is paying off! I can't wait to go back...

Northern Lights have been on my list for so long and yet I had never seen them. This year, I booked a trip to Iceland for a few days in November to explore a piece of this fantastic country and see the northern lights. About every evening I had planned a tour to chase the lights, it was tricky but I did see them once. These phenomena don't show systematically and during my stay, the weather was quite bad (wind storm) so the sky was mostly cloudy^^' But I can now say that I saw them, once!

Travel more with my girls. This year I did 3 trips with my friends: Barcelona, London, Plovdiv and I had so much fun! Traveling with them allowed me to know each girl better and to discover cities I didn't visit before. I think we'll be doing some more of trips in the future, just need to find a date and a location!

Going to Japan! Another long awaited first...That will take place in January 2019. I know it's not something accomplished in 2018 but it was booked this year and I'll be in Tokyo for a week very soon, I am counting down the days actually. This time it will only be Tokyo but I look forward to the experience and to repeat it.

My fails include anything body related...Like getting a six pack or doing a perfect split. For some reason my hips are stubborn and won't open which is a bit frustrating...I guess you can imagine how frustrating it can be to do something and not see any improvement. As for the six pack, sports tend to hurt and I am still not an accomplished masochist but I will try again. Maybe it will stick one day!

Riding a bike is actually more costly than expected so it's on hold, as for the the drift part, it's planned for the winter season when it is important to learn to control your car when it snows.

All in all, I think I didn't do too bad with my resolutions this year and will keep on improving what I failed at, including sport!

2019 should look like this:

  • Doing sports regularly;

  • Riding a bike;

  • Visiting Moscow, Norway and my family in Canada;

  • Buying a house/apartment;

  • Improving my Chinese to be able to have conversations;

  • Improving my Japanese to be able to have real conversations;

  • Flying a plane;

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How did you do this year and what are you plans for 2019?