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An evening at Les Fils à Papa

Every month, a friend and I spend an evening out and catch up on the latest gossip from our mutual jobs and lives, and last week we visited Les Fils à Papa. This bar-restaurant is located in Uccle on Chaussée de Waterloo in a charming renovated house, a street away from the David Lloyd. Upon passing the black wrought iron door, you'll see the bar and a few high tables, you'll dive then into the delicate black/silver decor of the place...with a touch a cyan that really gets the design together.

We booked for 8PM for 2 and could choose our table, the restaurant wasn't crowded at all. We picked a table at the back to observe the place and have a look at the kitchen. I really like to see the magic happening in the kitchen, the cleanliness and chefs at work...And having the kitchen's window close by was perfect. I was surprised by the menu which actually is presented as a tablet, you can navigate easily between the starters, main courses, desserts and drinks, like you would on the website. The layout is identical so you won't be lost if like me, you also check the menu beforehand (because you always struggle to decide on what to eat!).

You'll notice on the menu shot below that Les Fills à Papa offers a traditional cuisine with a few Asian touches (which I have to try soon!)...I could see a bunch of classics that I heard are well mastered and all homemade. One of the waitresses mentioned the Américain as a must-try as well as the dim sums and a wok. The burgers also seemed delicious but really huge (seen on a table close by).

That day I already had lunch at the restaurant so I wasn't super hungry, so I went directly for a main course, after having snacked on bread/butter/tapenade! I picked the cod back with velvety peas, crispy chorizo and potato espuma. Sounds promising right? I know I should have tried some of the "musts" but damn the cod sounded so yummy! My friend actually took the same order, extra points for originality but I can't blame her, the mix of textures and flavors is intriguing. The bowls arrived in about 15-20 minutes, a moment we've waited for with excitement.

It looks fun right? Almost a ying & yang design in the plate. Every bite was interesting, especially if you dig the chorizo placed below the cod :) I finished everything, down to the last spoon of the espuma, the portion size was perfect. I even had some appetite left for a "café gourmand" which I turned into a "thé gourmand". Dessert wise, my friend took the moelleux with a chokotoff's heart and I was so happy! I wanted to try the entire menu so with her choice, we tested 2 items in one night.

The gossip went on until 11PM when everyone started to ask for the bill. Within the 3 hours we spent at Les Fils à Papa, I checked the kitchen a few times and went upstairs as well. Restrooms happen to be located on the first floor so it gave me the opportunity to visit a bit the restaurant and its banquet room! The decoration was consistent with that of the ground floor, a delicate mix of black/silver and cyan to give a color twist. I especially like the wrought iron stairs, it's so classy! I also had some time to admire the picture wall with male celebrities and their offsprings...Handsome ones at that: Alain Delon, Belmondo, Julio Iglesias, Vincent Cassel, and many more...A nice reference to the two owners who happen to be cousins and restaurateurs' sons...(so is the name of the restaurant if you think about it...Les Fils à Papa!)

Another detail that I find important is the fact that Les Fills à Papa is not just a restaurant. I could observe that some people were there for an apero, others were there to dine and some just had a drink. This restaurant is very polyvalent and I guess everyone will find a reason to visit ;) Now that I am a bit more familiar with the place, I plan to find an excuse to come back and try a few Asian options from the menu!

In the evening, you'll easily find a parking spot on Avenue Van Bever, for free if you come after 6PM, in case the parking in front of Les Fills à Papa is full. Price wise, we found the bill to be quite ok for a good restaurant (in Uccle at that!): 77€ for 2 fish courses, 2 desserts, 1/2L of water and a glass of wine. So an average of 35~40€ per person.

To conclude, I spent a lovely evening catching up with my friend in a fantastic atmosphere! Extra points will go to our waitress who was really nice and caring! I'll definitely visit again.

Have you also tried Les Fills à Papa? Drop me a comment below with your opinion ;)


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