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A new year visit to A Confesse!

Finding a restaurant open during the New Year break can be tricky...P. (my ex-colleague with whom I meet monthly to catch up) and I wanted to have lunch, since we were both on holiday, and all the places we tried to book were closed...Fortunately A Confesse, one of the restaurants I reviewed earlier in 2018, was open and serving their delicious lunches.

For those who didn't read the first review, A Confesse is a café/restaurant located in the Stockel area serving a daily suggestion from 10AM until 10:30PM. I really liked the concept of serving a different lunch every day with the choice of having just the main course or the starter+course. Every visit is unique and absolutely delicious, this last 2018 lunch was no exception.

We booked a table for 2, managed to park nearby and arrived at 12PM sharp. We were the first customers and chose a table near the windows to enjoy some day light and the protection of the glass wall against the wind whenever someone enters. I love how retro this place looks like, it reminds of old cafés with their small tables lining up close to the bar...Once settle, we decided on what to drink and to take the starter + main course menu of the day...I didn't check the menu that day so it was a full surprise!

The starter arrived quite fast and was served on a wood plancha...flawless presentation! I wasn't sure what I was eating but it was good! I checked online afterwards what the menu of the day said and apparently, I ate a Panna cotta with tarama, daikon, dill, French toast, herbs, soy and cork syrup vinaigrette. Just thinking about it I feel hungry! The mix of colors and flavors was just perfect and surprising at the same time. I was even more surprised by the fact that I actually ate the daikon which I normally don't like. Hands down to the chef on managing this!

The Start from A Confesse - Ordinary Brussels - Lifestyle & Food in Brussels

We had some time to chat between the moment we finished the starter and the arrival of the main course. Not that we don't chat when we eat, we're just more focused on each other and not munching ^^' We spoke about everything from the holidays, to work (with moderation), travel, friends, plans, and some more. I really like how we can talk so freely together... But then the main course arrived and that's what I am going to talk to you about.

The main course was fish that day, makes sense it was a Friday (at school Friday was the day of the fish!), and the portion was just perfect for a small stomach like mine. At a first glance I could see a lovely piece of fish, tomatoes and what looked like purée but I wasn't sure which sort. The first bite told me that I would finish this dish even if it took me hours because it was delicious! I actually had in front of me a roasted bream filet with a creamed butternut purée and sweet chorizo, cherry tomatoes, capers, baby spinach and some more leafy greens.

Bream filet from A Confesse - Ordinary Brussels - Lifestyle & Food in Brussels

Every bite was a bliss and the ingredients went so well together: the chorizo balanced so well the sweetness of the butternut, the tomatoes and capers offered a little acidic note that complimented the fish...My this was good and as usual a lovely discovery of textures and flavors. This is actually very inspiring because butternut isn't something I would mix with chorizo and a bream filet. Now that I know it is a good match, I will definitely try to replicate it at home one of these days.

Discovering new things is another reason why I love to eat out and why I like to visit A Confesse. I am always positively surprised by what's in my plate, the creativity of the chef and what you can actually do with food...How you can play with colors, textures and flavors. It's fascinating and a well-mastered art at this restaurant!

I don't think I have ever had a bad lunch at A Confesse, the quality remains quite stable and so is the creativity! I would recommend again this address eyes closed! And considering the amount of people that showed up for lunch that day I'd say this resto converts every visitor into a regular.

Have you been to A Confesse? Did they convert you as well?! Let me know...


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