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Les Pêcheries - A brasserie lacking consistency?

On Friday evening I went to "Les Pêcheries, Café - Laiterie" with my boyfriend and a friend of his. This restaurant is located very close to my work so I knew it existed but I had never tried it before. Several times I actually visited The Lodge which is located a few hundred meters away instead of Les Pêcheries. This evening out was the opportunity to determine whether this was a good address or one to forget...

We had booked a table for 8 PM and we parked around that time in the parking of Les Pêcheries so we hurried in, our friend was already there. At a first glance we saw that the place wasn't packed but a few tables were occupied by couples and families, probably people from the neighborhood, and then we spotted our table. We sat and started to chat while checking the menu as well as the decor of the room. On the walls you'll see polos from I don't know which sports team as well as equipment and autographs. All together it looks nice and give you the "brasserie" vibe.

The menu is not extensive, limited to 2 full pages with a few suggestions on the wall. I was tempted by a grilled salmon on a bed of mashed potatoes and zucchini spaghetti accompanied by a drizzle of olive oil, some Parmesan cream and some ruccola leaves. The guys went for a burger and ribs, a very typical choice for men I guess ^^' Even more since our friend told us that he had had an interesting experience with ribs the last time he visited Les Pêcheries so in a way, we had to try them.

The menu said that the chef preferred quality over speed and to request specifically fast service if needed...We didn't ask for a fast service but the food did arrive rather quickly. I didn't expect this after reading the note about on the menu as well as Google reviews. The plates looked all delicious and so we dug without hesitation.

My salmon was properly cooked and the mashed potatoes & zucchini tasted lovely, especially with the Parmesan cream and the olive oil complimenting them. The combo was really interesting and not too salty. However, there might have been a bit too much olive oil which made the food quite rich and for me, hard to finish. But if you read the blog, you know I hardly ever finish my plate, portions being usually too big or too rich :)

Ribs from Les Pêcheries
A burger from Les Pêcheries
The grilled salmon from Les Pêcheries

(Apologies...The quality of the pictures isn't ideal, I guess I really need a new phone :p )

Looking at the burger and ribs, I had to ask...How is it? The answer was that the ribs were ok but lacked 10 minutes on the grill to be perfect. It was accompanied by a very small quinoa bowl and some veggies, the ribs being the main attraction on the plancha. As for the burger, the answer was also "ok". I tried to dig a bit more the topic but overall it looked like it was a decent burger but not one to remember.

We also ordered some desserts, specifically a slice of sugar pie and a fig pie. Once more, both arrived quickly despite the note on the menu which is a bit disturbing. I tried both and wasn't too impressed. The sugar pied wasn't too sweet (which is good) but the bottom side crust was soggy (too much sauce on the plate I guess) and surprisingly, the chef added a layer of dough on top of the sugar as well. It looked a bit like a lattice pie crust rather than a regular sugar pie. As for the fig pie, the fruit slices were overcooked making them hard to cut and the bottom layer seemed granular and a bit dry. If you have a sweet tooth, I guess these would do but if you are looking for a "bakery" style pie, you might end up disappointed.

Sugar Pie from Les Pêcheries
The Fig Pie from Les Pêcheries

Overall, I liked my main course but everything else was average. In total we paid 82,40€ which is reasonable for 3 people including drinks. As a reminder, we ordered:

  • A salmon

  • Some ribs

  • A burger

  • A fig pie

  • A sugar pie

  • 2x beers

  • 3x Coca Cola

Price wise, the place is very correct but the quality of food lacks consistency. Our friend mentioned that he had had a really good experience on a Tuesday evening, when Les Pêcheries organizes an "all you can eat" rib night. A bunch of colleagues also mentioned that lunch went well so my conclusion is that Les Pêcheries lacks consistency and that's kind of sad because depending on when you come, you can be happily surprised or very disappointed... This is definitely the kind of address that I don't often visit.

Have you visited Les Pêcheries? What's your opinion? Please share you feedback in the comment section :)


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