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Bubble Waffle Antwerp - Waffles, Breakfasts and so much more!

Last Sunday, we went to Antwerp to show the city to a friend who visited from Korea. We left early and arrived right on time for a late breakfast/brunch. I quickly googled places that were already open and serving food and I found the cutest place ever, right next to where we parked: Bubble Waffle.

Bubble Waffle Café in Antwerp - Ordinary Brussels
Bubble Waffle Café - Ordinary Brussels

As you probably know, waffles are typically Belgian but a variation was developed in Hong Kong: the bubble waffle. Their particularity? Besides their look full of bubbles, they're extra crispy on the outside and super soft on the inside. You can enjoy them with sweet or savory toppings and both are so good! Now Bubble Waffle specializes in these yummy snacks (with a Belgian twist!) but they also serve all day the most delicious toasts, breakfasts and bowls.

When you enter at Bubble Waffle Café, you will appreciate the cozy atmosphere. The place is small but bright, with a few tables and window seats. No matter where you sit, you will enjoy some sunlight but most importantly, you'll have a view on the "kitchen". You can actually see the counter with its ice-cream fridge and cake display vitrine, waffle toppings but also the 2 stoves where the magic happens. On top of that the staff is extremely polite and friendly, I was positively surprised.

At Bubble Waffle - Ordinary Brussels

When we arrived, we decided to sit at the window and ordered coffees before checking the menu. A full page is dedicated to waffles, the next ones cover breakfast and brunch as well as desserts and drinks. I was extremely tempted by avocado toasts, my personal sin, and the guys took a waffle and a toast with bacon and eggs. There are plenty of healthy and vegan options as well so it's safe to say that everyone will find something to eat!

I was sipping on my espresso while waiting for my avocado toast when I started to hear preparations in the kitchen...Eggs and bacon being cooked with a delicious crackling sound and smell. It didn't take more than 15 minutes to get our order and we were ready to dig in. I contemplated my toast, it looked so good and generous! The guys'plates looked also very promising!

I guess the 3 of us savored every bite because the plates got empty pretty fast, it was awesome! My toast was super crispy, had a generous layer of hummus topped with avocado slices, ruccola and Parmesan, they finished the presentation with a pinch of salt, pepper and a drizzle of chili oil. The egg toast was also well presented and generous...And let's not start with the waffle! I cannot find something bad to say about my food nor that of the guys, eating at Bubble Waffle was a total bliss.

Avocado Toast from Bubble Waffle - Ordinary Brussels
Egg and Bacon Toast from Bubble Waffle - Ordinary Brussels
Swwet Bubble Waffle - Ordinary Brussels

From where I sat, I could see other people's orders and they were as generous and looking absolutely delicious...Plus I didn't hear anyone complain about their food, plates came all empty which is saying something. Additionally, I found prices to be quite good for the overall experience. I also noticed that everything was clean, from the tables to the WC's which is another quality I find important in a café/restaurant.

The location of Bubble Waffle Café is quite convenient, next to the Sint-Carolus Church and the Hendrik Conscience Place. It's a peaceful and beautiful area full of little cafés, old houses and craft shops. I really enjoyed wandering in this neighborhood after breakfast!

Bubble Waffle is a really good address to be shared with anyone living in Antwerp or visiting this incredible city!


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