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Fat Food Friday at The Tram

With the weather getting nicer and warmer, it's slowly time to restart the Fat Food Fridays! A decadent way to end a busy week at work with a fat lunch on a terrace. Last Friday, the marketing team decided to pay a visit to Le Tram located in Boitsfort.

So you might be wandering what's Le Tram (rather than why fat food Friday...?!) and in short it is an old tram used as a "snack" (as we say in French). It has been equipped with an entire kitchen which is operated by 2 staff members. You order at the front, they prepare at the back and you get your food from a side window when it is ready. Easy right? On the menu you'll find a list of burgers, french fries, fricadelle, cervelas, poulycroc and more!

Le Tram de Boitsfort - Ordinary Brussels

That Friday, it was sunny and we'd had a crazy morning so we thought "why not go out to have a burger in the sun?!" and so we went. Finding a parking spot wasn't easy around 12PM, especially since an event was being set up but ultimately, we managed to park our car on place Wiener. We then grabbed a table while 3 of us went to order. We queued for about 15 minutes before being able to place our orders, enough time to study the menu and decide on what to eat:

  • Classic Burger

  • BBQ Burger

  • BBQ Burger with truffle mayonnaisse 2x

  • French Fries

  • Sauces (ketchup, mayo)

  • Drinks (they have beer, soft drinks, wine)

Surprisingly, our order was prepared in just 5 minutes! We just sat when our order number was called by the side window. We got our burgers and fries and wondered how we were going to finish all of this... Yup the BBQ burgers looked so tall with the huge deep-fried onion rings but fortunately, they were easy to smoosh.

Some of our order - Ordinary Brussels - Lifestyle & Food in Brussels
Close-up on our burgers - Ordinary Brussels - Lifestyle & Food in Brussels

Taste wise, we were not disappointed but the after effect was tough > we felt so heavy after eating so much fat food! The bread was perfect for a burger, the meat was still a bit juicy, the bacon and cheese were well-cooked and the sauces were sooo yummy! The only thing to change would be the massive onion ring that could have easily been replaced by fried onions. It didn't add much besides fat.

The Classic burger was nice and had some veggies which was a plus, the BBQ didn't even have a slice of tomato or a lettuce leaf. However you can easily customize your burger at the counter: I switched the BBQ sauce to truffle mayonnaise but I am sure that you can ask for more cheese or lettuce.

The fries were good, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and not too fatty. I don't know which ketchup brand they use but it tasted really good and so did every sauce actually. They mention that sauces are homemade, not sure about the ketchup but it was yummy!

Price wise, Le Tram de Boitsfort is competitive. You can get a basic burger for 5€ but the most interesting ones cost 8,5€. Count between 2€ and 3€ for french fries depending on how hungry you are. The sauces are supposedly homemade and cost 1€, as for the "incontournable" snacks they range from 3,5€ to 7,5€. To give you an idea 2x BBQ Burgers with truffle mayonnaise, 1x small french fries with ketchup and 1x coca cola cost 20,30€.

I was also surprised that Le Tram de Boitsfort delivers via Deliveroo and Uber Eats but they also are ranked Gault Millau Pop (2018). Knowing this, I am even more surprised about the speed of the service as they handle a bunch of orders on site and deliveries.

All in all, it was an excellent lunch despite the fact that we all felt super heavy during the afternoon. I liked the fact that the staff was nice and bilingual, the cooking was quick and the concept of the tram is original. On the other end, the tram is quite popular hence, expect a queue and a good wait before being able to order.

Have you visited Le Tram de Boitsfort? Let me know whether you liked it or not ;)


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