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Bucket's Food - Today's Chicken Day!

After the holiday week I spent in Italy and the late return to Brussels due to Skeye's strike, Mr. and I were craving chicken wings. It's not often the case but it does happen, especially when we go to Roermond because there is a KFC on the way. In Brussels, finding good chicken wings is tough unless maybe you go deep into Schaerbeek, close to place Liedts but we didn't feel like going that far...That's when I remembered that I pass in front of Bucket's Food twice a day, 5 days a week...

Bucket's Food - Ordinary Brussels

Next to the parc Meudon, on Avenue George Henri 174, and almost in front of Les Tartes de Françoise there is Bucket's Food. For a long time I have wondered what kind of restaurant/snack it was and then one day I realized: they sell buckets of chicken wings and tenders!

On that day, we wanted something close by and Bucket's Food was literally 5 minutes away by car. We drove and found a parking spot on the other side of the street. There was an Uber delivery guy inside but no other customer. I can't say that the cashier warmly welcomed us but he was polite and took our order: a large bucket of Kentucky Wings Nature, a small bucket of Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings and a portion of Nuggets for a total of 42,5€ (cheaper that Uber, Deliveroo etc.).

Since we had to wait 15 minutes for the food to be ready, we told the cashier that we would be waiting at the terrace on the other side of the street and he was nice enough to confirm he'd bring the food to us...And he did, with a smile :)

Honestly I can't say that the staff looks super pro or welcoming at first but they turned out to be nice and accommodating! All we had to do was bring back the trays which was totally fine. While we were waiting I saw a lot of Uber drivers and Deliveroo cyclists stop at Bucket's Food so I guess a lot of their business is based on deliveries rather than orders on site, that might explain why a lot of people complain about opening hours.

We dug into the bucket while sitting at the cafe's terrace and were happy with what we got! The wings were good: juicy, crispy, tasty yet a little spicy but not too much...Nothing compared to the Spicy Wings which were REALLY spicy. As for the nuggets, they tasted good and the meat was well grounded so there were no weird chunks in there. I find that the batter they used to coat the nuggets tasted a bit like curry but it wasn't bad, it was just fun to taste at first. We were both quite satisfied with our order and the food we received, it was exactly what we wanted/expected!

Now I wouldn't go every week to Bucket's Food but once in while, when we crave wings why not! It doesn't look like much but the food is good and it can be delivered in Brussels. I would suggest to call Bucket's Food directly for an order if you don't want to pay an extra fee like on Uber and Takeway or Deliveroo.

Overall the experience was good and we enjoyed our junk food* a lot! The recipe isn't the same as at KFC but it's a really good substitute :) Additionally I like the fact that you can customize your order: Small, Medium or Large portion and have whatever sauce you want. Bucket's Food also has a large choice of chicken > Wings, Tenders, Nuggets, Buckets and seasoning variations. We only took the Kentucky Nature and the Hot and Spicy but the staff gave a BBQ wing to try because we were so undecided about it, a nice gesture ^^ We would definitely be interested to try the Crispy version too!

*I call it Junk Food because let's face it, a nugget is made of all the meat parts you can't do anything with and then it's deep-fried. As for the wings, it's cheap meat deep-fried too sooo...Not the healthiest but sometimes it just tastes good and having a good address to order from is handy.

It should be noted that the chicken used to be Halal but it isn't anymore, the staff has put a sign on the counter but I think it is best to mention it here as well.

Have you tried Bucket's Food? Let me know if you like it!



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