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Discovering Fusion Sakura in Waterloo

Last week, my in-laws decided to have a get together in Waterloo at Fusion Sakura, the restaurant of an acquaintance. As I love Asian Food, I was happy to test drive a new restaurant! I don't often go to Waterloo, but when I do I like to have a bunch of food options to choose from and Fusion Sakura was a good find.

If you are from Waterloo then you're probably familiar with the names: "Tsuki" and of "Les Jardins d'Asie". If yes, then you'll be pleased to learn that Tsuki has now become Fusion Sakura and that the Chef & Head Waiter at Jardin d'Asie are now running the place. In short it means that you can expect a stylish interior and some delicious food!

Located on Chaussée de Bruxelles 41a, Fusion Sakura offers a blend of Japanese and well-known Asian/Fusion dishes (Chinese, Thai, Malaysian) in a carefully designed interior. I really like the choice of colors and art displayed in the restaurant: a mix of white and black with red touches that give the room a stylish vibe. The open kitchen is a real plus, it allows you to see what's happening and it brings a lot of light to the room. Overall, expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere! (even the bathrooms are stylish!)

NB: there is a room upstairs that can accommodate your events!

Upon entering, you are welcomed by Régis (the head waiter from Jardins d'Asie) and taken to your table. He is funny yet super pro and will take good care of you throughout your time at Fusion Sakura. We were a total of 8 people so we took the benches/coaches in the back of the room and sat down, ready to study the menu. I would say that half the menu is made of the sushis and the rest of Asian/Fusion dishes (hot and cold). Honestly, everyone will find something to their taste.

On that night, we all took a starter, a main course and a dessert so we tried a bunch of things among which:

  • The chicken and lemongrass skewers;

  • The beef salad;

  • The salmon Tataki;

  • Sauteed beef with shallot;

  • A bunch of sushis (Tuna, Salmon, Eel, etc);

  • Some soba noodles with chicken;

  • Chocolate mousse;

  • Dame blanche;

  • A mochi assortment;

We also ordered a few drinks while we were waiting for the starters. The conversation was ongoing (and going in every direction in multiple languages) when the first plates arrived, looking very interesting! I noticed the shape of the plates and the fumes coming from some of them...

A lovely beef salad at Sakura Fusion

As you can see, the plates are stylish and their colors match the interior, I also need to mention that I love the attention put in the set-up of every plate: the disposition of the food, the choice of the plate, the toppings, the use of dry ice, etc. It shows that Fusion Sakura pays attention to details!

The first bites were promising: everyone seemed to really like their food and as we shared, we discovered how the chef remastered some recipes! I loved the lemongrass chicken skewers and their wasabi purée, the salmon tataki was also amazing with it's salty/fruity marinade! The sushi were extra tasty and well rolled, the sashimi looked and tasted very fresh and it was fun to see their preparation in the open kitchen.

Each dish was packed with rich flavors and aromatics but used in a smart way. You can taste/feel that the team knows how to blend savors together without turning your food into something weird. Everyone finished both their starter and main course, plates came back empty so we can agree it was a good dinner!

After eating this much, some of us still had space for desserts! The kids took some ice-cream and frozen coconut of course (so typical for kids) and the adults decided to have a selection of Mochi. These colorful cold treats were perfect to end the evening: refreshing, not too sweet yet tasty! Some of us also tried a Japanese whisky and were not disappointed, Fusion Sakura has some choice when it comes to drinks! (I can also say that the cocktails are nice but not too strong unless you ask for it! Especially the GinTo and the Cosmo served with candies).

Have you been to Fusion Sakura? Or to Tsuki before it changed owner? Let me know ;)



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