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Trying a Greek restaurant for a change

Maybe it's the summer vibe or maybe it's just the need for a change but this month, Patricia and I tried a Greek restaurant. We've been tempted by Mediterranean food for a while now, since "Phenician House" actually and the Lebanese dinner we've enjoyed. We had heard of a good Greek restaurant located in Woluwé-Saint-Pierre called La Folie Grecque so we decided to book a table for 2!

La Folie Grecque - Ordinary Brussels

The first time I passed in front of La Folie Grecque was when I visited my Shiatsu teacher to get my stiff neck more or less fixed! At the time, I thought it was a weird location for a Greek restaurant, the street is quite narrow and the neighborhood really quiet. The second time was when I looked for a bank nearby one of my courses and then I thought I should try it. The third time, I went with Patricia and we both were quite happy with our choice!

We booked a table for 2 around 7:30 PM and I must admit I arrived late after a tough fight with the parking ticket machine. I found Patricia on the terrace, where everybody was eating since the weather allowed it. The restaurant itself was nice with a decoration that reminded me of a sunny location: lots of yellow, a wooden bar, some colorful art... The terrace is probably as big as the restaurant with a lot of tables for 2, yet it doesn't feel crowded and it's surprisingly quiet despite the many people that were already there.

After a quick catch up, we looked at the menu to try and figure out what we were going to order and somehow, we ended up choosing the exact same starter and main course...Probably because we wanted to have a taste of everything! Hence we decided to go for the Royal Mezze for 2 as well as the scampi skewers.

We quickly received our drinks and some bread and olives to snack on while waiting for our food. We chatted a lot about our recent holidays, it was really great and brought back a lot of good memories! I We agreed that Italy is such an awesome destination, with so much diversity and things to do and see...Not to mention the food. We also enjoyed the last rays of sunshine that day, the weather was perfect for a dinner on the terrace...With that said, our food arrived and we shared it all!

The Mezze didn't seem like much but it was absolutely filling and looking very appetizing. It was composed of a lot of things: some tzaziki, tarama, feta cheese, calamari, vine leaves, smoked eggplant purée, stuffed puff pastries and more. The selection is really good if you want diversity in your plate! We dug in and loved everything...

Le Mezze - Ordinary Brussels - Lifestyle & Food in Brussels

The scampi skewers were delicious too and the beans were a really good side, adding some veggies to the plate. I liked that the scampis were not overcooked, same for the beans like it's often the case in restaurants. The Mezze seemed to have been freshly prepared, like advertised on the website of La Folie Grecque. They do mention that all the food is homemade with fresh products and it seems to be the case.

I must point out the service which was really good, welcoming and friendly. When they say you will feel at home, it's true. The staff is present without being overwhelming which is perfect! We stayed until midnight/closing and nobody bothered us. ..They checked on us from time to time, brought us a coffee and a tea but that's it. In some restaurants you feel the need to order more to not get kicked-out, some rude staff presents the bill to you in an effort to free a table...Don't expect that at La Folie Grecque, you are welcome to stay!

I must admit that that evening, we were not adventurous in our food choices but still, a good Mezze can be hard to come by and we found some really good savors in our plates. In short, I would say that La Folie Grecque has delivered on all its promises: a welcoming and convivial atmosphere, good food and amazing service! Not to mention an incredible price...

In total we paid 47€ for 2 including the drinks. To recap we have ordered: the Royal Mezze for 2, the scampi skewers, a bottle of water, a glass of wine, a déca and a tea. Basically you could say we both got a main course and drinks but still, paying 23.50€ per person isn't bad at all! Makes you want to come more often actually!

Have you tried La Folie Grecque? What are your thoughts about this resto?


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