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L'Auberge des Maieurs - A taste of the country side!

So I have been away for a little while, mainly due to my trip to China from September/October. It has been such a hassle (especially the Great Firewall!!) that posting wasn't really an option but I did test a few good addresses before leaving, starting with l'Auberge des Maieurs by La Finca. This restaurant was really the highlight of August with its concept and quite interesting menu!

L'Auberge des Maieurs and its apéros - Ordinary Brussels

After a very intense procedure to get my VISA to go to China and a crazy hectic month at work, it was time to relax with Patricia at l'Auberge des Maieurs. I didn't know the place at all, it's actually an address that Patricia shared with me. When I searched for more details, I learned a lot about the overall concept: a farm producing bio vegetables, a restaurant cooking this food, a shop selling bio products...The circuit couldn't be shorter!

L'Auberge des Maieurs - Ordinary Brussels

When I drove to l'Auberge des Maieurs, I expected to find anything but a farm looking building next to Rob and the Boulevard de la Woluwe. I was so surprised I actually paused in the middle of the street...! I then tried to find a parking spot in the nearby streets, a lot of which are paying so make sure to get a ticket! Once I found a spot not too far from the restaurant, I made my way to what looked like the country side (in the middle of the city): a long paved path leading you to an L shaped white building nested in a lovely green setting.

I had to search for Patricia because we were waiting for each other at 2 different entrances! Eventually, we met up at the store or as they would call it "Your point of sale for fresh and organic products coming from a short circuit". We checked some of the products on display and there was a variety of fruits, vegetables and cheese that could be bought in bulk. If you want to find out more, here is the e-shop of La Finca. We then made our way to the restaurant...

The restaurant itself is quite cozy, decorated with character and yet it still has this "farm look": white walls, a red stone floor, beams on the ceiling, wooden tables and velvet blue chairs... From the main room, you can even have a look at what's going on in the kitchen, my favorite part. On that day though, the weather was so lovely that we asked for a table outside, we wanted to enjoy the last rays of sunshine from August!

The terrace was very cute with its black tables and red chairs. I was wondering if we would hear the boulevard from where we sat but actually, the neighborhood is very quiet, even on a Friday evening! At that point we choose our drinks and studied the menu.

I really like how the menu is presented and how you can easily navigate it: color coded with only 4-5 options per category. All dishes are apparently home made and prepared with seasonal products which are, for the most part, grown at La Finca. We decided to first share a starter and then to each take a main course but the choice was difficult! Eventually, we decided to share the starter called "Balade en Campagne" made of smoked leek, fresh goat cheese and candied onions. And oh my it was good and surprising at the same time! You could taste the smokiness of the leek mixed with the sweetness of the onions, the saltiness of the cheese... It was a very interesting combination and quite the discovery!

After this first starter, our expectations were high and we couldn't wait to get our main courses. I decided to have a dish called "Du côté de la botte" made of zucchini, pasta, mozzarella and fresh tomatoes. Patricia on the other hand went for the fish called "L'air iodé". It was actually a cod filet with spinach, candied lemon and nuts. Both plates looked quite appetizing and after snapping a few pictures we happily dug in.

There were a lot more pasta in my plate than I expected but it was absolutely delicious all together! The fish seemed also really tasty and well presented. Overall we both finished our plates and were happy with our choices!

We chatted almost until closing before asking for the bill. One coffee later we were leaving our seats and walking back to our cars. L'Auberge des Maieurs is also quite nice at night and we paused to look at the building in the dark... It's definitely a restaurant that we'll visit again for a dinner or simply an apero!

Price wise this restaurant is on the more expensive side. A main course cost on average 22 ~ 30 euros while a starter will cost around 15 ~17 euros. I guess you are paying for the bio/organic concept and if you visit L'Auberge I will further guess that you expect this kind of price increase.

Overall, the food was quite good and it was great to know where the ingredients in our plate came from. The staff was friendly and not pushy which was refreshing however the price is a bit more expensive than usual but our bill was quite ok with 44€/person drinks included.

Have you visited L'Auberge des Maieurs? What was your opinion?


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