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BooBooCakes - The no bake cakes that will win you over!

I often talk about restaurants but what about desserts? They are equally important if not more! A good bakery is a rare find but a cake specialist that offers no bake, gluten-free, lactose-free and refined sugar-free desserts is a keeper!

I was scrolling through my Instagram wall when I found an ad from BooBooCakes saying that I could get a cake box with 6 slices of different cakes for 29€. I immediately thought "What a great idea!" because it's so rare to be able to taste all the cakes from a company in one go! I really hate to waste money and food, especially cakes because if I don't like it then I am stuck with it.

BooBooCakes - The Box!

I clicked the link and headed to the website of BooBooCakes and checked the content of the box and what the overall concept looked like:

"Our cakes are made up of a mixture of fresh and dried fruit, nuts and seeds, healthy vegan butters and mylks, spices and superfoods. All ingredients are blended to perfection, poured into cake tins and then frozen until set. No baking is involved. This process is the result of years of experimenting, in which all quantities and methods were fine-tuned to create balanced and nutritious cakes."

Honestly, the idea of a cake that can be stored in the freezer and that does not contain excessive amounts of sugar and additives sounds amazing! Even more when you read the ingredient list!

At that point I knew I wanted to try these cakes and especially the 6 slices because I was curious about these cakes and how they taste but I wasn't ready yet to buy a whole one. Here is the announced content of the cake (tasting) box:

  • White chocolate kisses

  • Tangy fresh lemon & lime

  • Summer berry vibes

  • Decadent Snickers caramel

  • Kid friendly banana caramel (vegan)

  • Chocolate Lover’s Cake


Sounds interesting right? On the check-out page, you can decide on a delivery date and suggest a preferred delivery time. In my case, I picked the next day delivery and chose the delivery time between 11 AM and 12 PM. I immediately got the confirmation email and waited.

On Thursday around 10 AM, I received an SMS from the delivery guy telling me that he would be at my office between 11:30 AM and 12 PM and would follow the instructions I provided (to find me). I told him to call in case he was lost, I know that finding my office can be tricky... Surprisingly, he was right on time at my desk, with my cake box and was very cheerful (I am always amazed when deliveries are made on time in Brussels).

I put the box in the freezer until the next day. On Friday around 11 AM, I took the box out of the freezer and left it on my desk so it would defrost quicker. After lunch, the marketing girls and I were ready for dessert! We took out a few forks and dug in.... Man it was good and refreshing!

BooBooCakes - The Tasting Cake Box

Every slices had a different flavor but all were so tasty, especially the tangy fresh lemon and lime which was sooooo yummy! I could really taste the lemon, the color was vibrant thanks to the turmeric, and the texture was really smooth. The crust was also something, a combination of nuts, dates and coconut...So divine and don't get me started on the decoration! I love that BooBooCakes pays attention to details!

Surprisingly, there was not a slice that I didn't like, all had really deep flavors and were not overly sweet which was great. Some had surprises inside too = sour cherries, that was an added bonus to be honest :) It added a little something to the recipe! All cakes are really well prepared and delicious! (I know I am repeating myself but I can't help it!)

Now speaking about recipes, just look at the ingredient list of the Chocolate Lover's Cake:

Ingredients: coconut butter, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa, cashew, honey, sour cherries (frozen and soaked in alcohol and brown cane sugar), cranberries, coconut, coconut powder milk, vanilla extract, rum extract, coffee, instant coffee, Himalaya salt (decor: fresh and dehydrated seasonal fruit, honey, dates, cocoa, inedible flowers and leaves).

The ingredient list is just incredible and I really didn't feel bad about eating a slice or two, my energy levels were fine and I didn't feel sick or disgusted at all. It was the perfect dessert and I am pretty sure I'd feel good doing sport after eating a BooBooCake!

Note: once the slices are defrosted, you can keep them in the fridge for 3 days or so. In my case, they held up just fine in the fridge from Friday until Sunday, the crust was still crunchy and the filling stayed perfectly together! I really am impressed!

The perks here are (in my opinion):

  1. The ingredient list is extra clean, just how I like it = no additives, preservatives, industrial coloring, etc;

  2. The flavors are deep, well combined and balanced = the tangy lemon and lime tastes like actual lemon and the Chocolate Lover’s Cake has a deep dark chocolate flavor and some sour cherries in it;

  3. The cakes are not overly sweet so no sugar crash after a slice, only good levels of energy;

  4. You can keep these cakes up to 2 months in the freezer so no hurry to finish the box;

  5. Buying cake boxes is great, you can enjoy several flavors when you are craving sweets...a slice at a time = indulge when you want to;

  6. Delivery is amazing and on time!

The one downside is the price which is expensive but I keep in mind the ingredient list. We are not talking about using the cheapest flour or eggs on the market like so many bakeries and shops do... They use coconut flakes, nuts and other more expensive ingredients. Plus, the cakes are way healthier than any I've seen and that has no price...

Overall, I am totally happy with my trial and will definitely purchase another box! I am not yet ready to buy a full cake, I much prefer the idea to combine different slices/flavors to vary my desserts :) Can't be all chocolate and no lemon!!

Note that if you post a picture of your BooBooCakes experience on Instagram, you'll get a 20% discount on your next order!

Have you already tried a cake from BooBooCakes? What did you think?



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