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A Saturday lunch at Tigermilk

As you might have guessed from previous posts, I am quite close with some of my colleagues. With time we became friends and now that one of us left the company, it is harder to stay in touch. However, we make a point of seeing each other on a regular basis, usually over lunch/dinner or drinks. Last time was a Saturday (prior to the confinement) at Tigermilk!

First of, why Tigermilk? Because it's Latin inspired food and who doesn't love Tacos, Quesadillas, Ceviche, Nachos? I checked the menu and I basically wanted to eat everything so when I proposed this address, everyone agreed. Initially we were going for a brunch but brunches are on Sunday only, but we were quite happy with a lunch.

When I arrived, it looked like Tigermilk was closed... I was so wrong, it's just a lot more intimist than I thought. I picked a table close to the window to enjoy some light that day, the weather looked like it would be changing soon. Soon, two of my friends arrived and while waiting for the 4th member of the team, we checked the menu and ordered drinks. I was so pleased with the choice by the way! Such delicate and sometimes exotic flavors!

It didn't take us long to figure what we would be eating. I was obviously going for the Quesadilla, also known as the CHORI-QUESA = Toasted wheat tortilla, melted cheese, chorizo, chilli pepper, guacamole and green leaves...Doesn't that sounds amazing? I was also eyeing the TIGERIBS and the SUPERBOWL but thank god my friends ordered these (even allowed me to have a spoonful!). With these orders on the way, we started catching up on everything that happened, namely private lives, holidays, fashion, work and so much more.

It didn't take long for the food to arrive, hot and smelling amazing. I was very pleased with my Chori-Quesa, it was so colorful and yummy! I wasn't sure I wanted to share to be honest but I did anyway...In exchange for a spoon of the other dishes of course. In all honesty, every plate looked incredible and had a good balance of tastes but my choice remained the best in my (humble) opinion.

While we were talking and eating, I analyzed the decor with its velvet notes, the library and the incredible bar. The atmosphere was really appeasing and yet really cool, especially with the mix of colors and textures, not to mention the flowers on the façade... So precious!

I think we stayed around 4PM at least that time, sipping on our drinks and enjoying our time together. The staff wasn't too present but gave really good recommendations about drinks. That day we didn't have any space left for desserts but we thought we'd need to come back for tea and sweets some other time.

Overall, the bill was less expensive than I initially thought it would be. I mean, it's a nice restaurant located close to Louise, with lots of good reviews, I expected to pay more than 12,5€/main course. We paid:

  • 1 Chori-Quesa = 12,5€

  • 1 Tigeribs = 12,5€

  • 1 Superbowl = 12,5€

  • 1 House mocktail

  • 1 House cold infusion

  • 1 Schweppes

You can have a look at the menu here, but beware, it is mouthwatering. I should also mention that we had luck finding a parking spot on that day but I can't say for sure you will too. It's a tricky area depending on the days you visit.