Le Schievelavabo

May 20, 2014

My dad used to live in an apartment right above the kitchen from this infamous restaurant, the one located in Saint Michel (Montgomery). That’s how I discovered the place and now from time to time we eat there with my boyfriend. Better make a reservation as the place is usually crowded! Basically you have a queue some evenings and people are waiting outside for a table, that’s saying something!


Bref, Le Schievelavabo is a nice concept. It looks a lot like a bistro serving burgers, spaghettis, ribs (huge ones), salads and more at a nice price without cutting the quantity. I normally always order the burger because I just love it and as always I can’t finish it, hopefully the boyfriend is there to help! The bistro is decorated with notices, old posters from old brands, it creates a retro but warm atmosphere that you tend to fall in love with.


Just to give you an idea of the size of the dishes, here is the infamous burger and the ribs :




Be warned, once you ordered you might wait, wait and wait to get you food because the bistro is crowded but it’s totally worth it. So wait and don’t get discouraged if you see a queue at the entrance Plus, now the owner is opening other Schievelavabo is various neighbours of Brussels, you can one in Montgomery, Uccle, Place Jourdan,…


Address : Montgomery, 52 Rue du Collège St-Michel 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre


Price : 10 to 13€ depending on the size of the burger you want : XS – XL? the ribs cost 13.5€ so with the drinks count 15-16€ unless you order more. Check the menu


Rating : I recommend because the atmosphere is nice, the food is good and you won’t leave hungry



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