Kawa - Glacier & Crêperie

May 21, 2014

I wanted to make a post about a place that opened not so long ago in Auderghem, the neighbour I lived in for 23 years. Like they say, I was born and bred in Auderghem It is located close to the Forêt de Soignes & the Rouge Cloître, basically it’s a green neighbour on the outskirts of Brussels. Together with Watermael-Boitsfort, Woluwé, Uccle and bits of other neighbours we can say they represent the rich and green side of Brussels. I will develop a bit more what I mean in my next posts.


Right now I want to write about Kawa, a place that specialises in ice creams and pancakes (both sweet and salted). I still remember when they opened, I was a bit shocked by the location they chose for such an establishment : a boulevard. Not much to see besides cars driving but the food makes up for this downside and on a Sunday you still get to enjoy some sunlight. The first time I walked in and read the menu I was happy about my decision to give Kawa a try : Ice creams with exquisite flavours, salted buckwheat pancakes with lots of veggies, salads, cider…a heaven for those of us who want to eat well and healthy at a reasonable price Since then I went there almost on a regular basis, but now that I work/live in Evere it’s a bit more difficult I really regret the distance between the office and one of my favourite lunch-brunch place.


My favorites so far are the chocolate ice cream with nuts, the Florentine buckwheat pancakes, the spelt Danish tartines that are delicious, gosh just thinking about these I want to pay Kawa a visit!


Check the place, decorated with a bright green colour and inviting details.



I like the atmosphere, plus the staff is lovely and gives great advice when you can’t decide what to eat. Believe me I struggle a lot when I look at the menu, best option then is to go with friends so you can taste everything.




Address : 165 boulevard du Souverain, 1160 Brussels


Price : tartines start at 6€ to 9.50€; pancakes are in the same price range and you will be stuffed if you finish your plate


Rating : I just love it and you should try it!




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