Sweet delicacies in Brussels!

November 20, 2014

We've asked for it, we begged for it...And it finally happened! Two delicious brands can now be found in the centre of Brussels...The infamous Ladurée and Meert. Both will provide us with some well deserved sweet warmth during the winter :)



I must say I am quite happy to be able to buy macarons with having to go to Lille. We do have other amazing delicacy makers here in Brussels but one more cannot hurt right? Same goes for Meert, their waffles filled with vanilla are heavenly and would go perfectly with a hot latte or cocoa…Can’t wait to go shop especially with Saint Nicolas and Christmas approaching!!


 So if you are in Brussels reminder to go to the Sablon to buy macarons from Ladurée and make a stop at the Galerie des Rois to load up on waffles and chocolates (7 Galeries du Roi )

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One recipe I really like is Curry. It is easy to make, delicious and exotic...



Quick meal fixes come in handy. My go to is wontons, so satisfying and tasty!



Lasagna! The ultimate comfort food for the Autumn/Winter season...

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