The importance of water

May 27, 2016

I have never been good at drinking lots of "liquids" on a daily basis. Often my intake would be around 500ml or 750ml, which became a habits. I struggled because whenever I drank a glass of water I felt so full and bloated, a feeling I really didn't enjoy.


Last week I was treated for a laryngitis + bronchitis from germs which attacked my vocal cords. My treatment somehow helped me go from 500 Ml to 1L then to 1,5L in a matter of days. This went on and I finally felt a difference in the way I was in my body:...I felt:

  • Lighter;

  • Less bloated;

  • More alert;

  • Less tired;

  • Less stressed;

  • My digestion speed improve;

In short, never neglect the amount of water you drink per day, it really makes a difference! It is sad that it took me so long to realise it but I am glad my eyes are now wide open :) Now that my treatment is over, I need to keep drinking and drinking!


How can you increase your intake?

  1. What works for me is to have a 2 liters bottle next to week or several 1/2 liters at my disposal;

  2. Drinking from a glass somehow makes it easier for me drink more, I also see my bottles go down which is nice because I know I am doing good;

  3. Being organised : I try to drink 1/2 liter before 10 AM, another 1/2 liter before noon, another one before 3 PM and then another before leaving work. Anything after is extra;

  4. Make it tastier by adding lemon or cucumber slices;

I add lemon to my water when I need a little energy boost at home but I am thinking to prepare a small bottle for work as well.

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