The perfect gift from a Creative Agency

February 15, 2017

In my current job, I work from time to time with Creative Agencies for the development of a new logo or improvement of a brands' visual identity. And as such, me and my colleagues receive from time to time a little token of these agencies'appreciation...Cherish your client as they say...


This time the little gift that I received is worth sharing with you because Hoet & Hoet really nailed it! I don't know why they choose to produce this book/agenda but I very happy to have received it, Thanks Hoet&Hoet!


Now you are wondering what did they send me exactly? First of all, it came in an envelope that got my interest right away...It's not your typical white envelope sealed with the glue tape...It was a brown envelope sealed with a string....


I must admit I do not receive so often this kind of envelopes so I immediately suspected it contained something cool...And I was right. It first looked like a plain agenda but when I flipped the pages I realised what I had in my hands: a multi-use cook book!


I have been thinking for quite some time now about making my own recipe book but I am not too comfortable about drawing the illustration...But what Hoet&Hoet just sent me is precisely what I wanted to achieve. 


This is the start of something, I can tell you that much ;) I am now quite determined to make my own little book with this gift as a source of inspiration. It cannot be so hard to realise so let's give it a try.


DYI here I come! And obviously I will try the recipes and let you know how they turned ;)






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One recipe I really like is Curry. It is easy to make, delicious and exotic...



Quick meal fixes come in handy. My go to is wontons, so satisfying and tasty!



Lasagna! The ultimate comfort food for the Autumn/Winter season...

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