Snackies Box from February 2017

February 20, 2017

As you probably know, I tried the Snackies Box earlier this year and liked many products it contained. The concept itself also appealed to me because I really love discovering new products and flavours. It is exactly the kind of inspiration I needed to start prepping my own snacks and motivate myself to eat as clean as possible! As such, I decided to order the box from February to see what would come and if we don't get too often the same snacks...


I received the box on Valentine's day...The snacks were wrapped in a perfumed pink silk paper which kind of announced the content of the box: berries, chocolate and pink packages a.k.a love is in the air! I didn't really mind but it was kind of funny to see a box full of "marketing" :)



The box from February contained the following items:


  • N.A! Rice Crackers Sweet Chili;

  • N.A! Fruit Sticks strawberry without added sugar;

  • Metcalfe's skinny popcorn, cinnamon sweet;

  • The Stoats "Hearty Scottish Cranachan Porridge";

  • Ombar Strawberry Mylk - 100% Raw Cacao;

  • Oloves lemon & rosemary, natural green pitted olives ;

  • Belvoir raspberry lemonade (gently bubbling with real raspberry & lemon juice)

  • Lovingearth organic salted caramel chocolate made with cashews & coconut;

  • Nom original oat bar, organic gluten free (no refined sugar & vegan);


So far I have tasted the Strawberry fruit sticks and the Lovingearth salted caramel chocolate and I find both a bit too sweet. The Lemonade was fine cut with some water, the taste is quite nice and fruity. I guess having a healthier lifestyle and diet makes me difficult now ;) Everything feels so sweet.


Indeed, I started doing sport again, since January actually, and I am still holding on and getting stronger. Now I am attempting to correct my diet and keep it as clean as possible to start seeing results...besides feeling more capable and strong ;)


Oh by the way, I also placed an order on the shop of Snackies and got the coconut-pineapple & coconut-mango ice creams...They're amazing! Real treats, I will attempt to prepare very soon, it looks super easy to do! I have found a few nice recipes, I just need some space in my fridge now...Stay tuned!


I bought a few more things, have a look it's all really delicious ;)




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